Toulouse, Tolosa

Welcome, Bienvenue, Benvenguts!

La cité des violettes, la ville rose, la ciutat mondina: Toulouse has many nicknames in French and in Occitan.

Once capital of the Visigothic kingdom, now capital of the region Occitanie, Toulouse is one of the most beautiful cities in France. It has a rich history which takes roots in the ancient Comté de Toulouse, the cradle of the prestigious Langue d’Oc (or Occitan) and the renowned civilization of the Troubadours.

Toulouse is both a historical city, full of magnificent buildings linked to its prestigious heritage – like the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, the biggest Roman church in the world or the Jacobins church and cloister – and a modern and cosmopolitan city, the second in France regarding the number of students – more than 100.000 – and a dynamic industrial area famous for its aircraft and space companies.

Today Toulouse is a metropolitan area of 1 300 000 inhabitants, a warm and vibrant city where you have so much to discover and enjoy.

Discover and enjoy Toulouse, capital of Occitania!