The 40th Annual Course of the International Association of Law Libraries

Stanford, California, USA, 9-12 October, 2022



Paul Brest Hall (main conference venue)

Paul Brest Hall. Photo credit: Grace Lo.

Paul Brest Hall is the primary site for programme events. It is located on the ground floor of Munger Building 4, one of the graduate student residences. The entrance can be found on the Northwest side of the building, facing the law school campus.

Paul Brest Hall
Munger Graduate Residence
555 Salvatierra Walk, Building #4
Stanford CA, 94305

View of Munger, Neukom and Law School buildings. Photo credit Elaine Adolfo.
View from the corner of Bowdoin Lane and Galvez Street

Nearby stops:

  1. Market at Munger: a small grocery store with ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, and basic grocery and household supplies. Located in Munger Building 5
  2. Law School Cafe: offers self-serve, grab-and-go meal options along with coffee, tea, and bottled beverages. Located in the Russo Commons (middle section of the Stanford Law School buildings)
  3. Stanford Bookstore: in addition to books, the bookstore offers stationery supplies, electronics and accessories, a cafe, and Stanford merchandise for gifts and souvenirs. Located within a five minute walk West of Paul Brest Hall


Cantor Arts Center

The Cantor Arts Center is a premiere arts museum in the Bay Area displaying artwork spanning thousands of years from around the world, including a renowned collection of Rodin bronze sculptures. The Opening Reception will be held outdoors on the North Lawn of Cantor.


Fogarty Winery

Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyards is the setting for the closing reception. Located 2,000 ft (610 m) above sea level, the venue provides spectacular views of its vineyards and the Santa Cruz mountains.

The location is approximately a 30-minute drive from Stanford. Transportation will be provided to and from the winery. 

Because the winery is located high in the mountains, Uber, Lyft, and other public transportation services are NOT able to access this location. You MUST take IALL-arranged transportation to and from the closing reception.

While you can access the winery in a personal vehicle, driving will be difficult (through winding mountain roads with little to no ambient lighting) and we strongly encourage you to use the transportation services arranged by IALL. If you have any questions about transportation, please contact the Local Planning Committee.