Past, present and future law in a Norwegian and International Perspective

The 42nd Annual Course of the International Association of Law Libraries

Oslo, Norway, 16.-20. of June 2024


Click here for an interactive map of the venues.

Domus Juridica is a modern building at the City Center campus of the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law. Construction was finished in 2019, and the building opened to students and the public in January 2020.

The Library is located in the heart of the building on the first floor.

The second floor of Domus Juridica is the main venue for the annual course. The sessions will be held in a large modern auditorium, and vendors, lunch, and refreshments will be located just outside the auditorium.

Domus Bibliotheca is one of the University’s oldest buildings, located at the University square. It was in use as the general library for the University from 1851 until a much needed larger library was built in the early 20th century. In addition to its sister buildings, the Domus Media and the Domus Academica, the closest neighbours are the Royal Palace, the National theatre and the museum of History.

After the law library moved to its new location in 2020, the old library has been used as an arena for University events, and is the venue for the opening reception on Sunday.

Professorboligen (The Professor’s Residence) was renovated during the 2010’s. The old stables has been converted to a modern meeting and conference area, and will house the pre-conference workshop.