Welcome to Buenos Aires, the national capital and also the largest city in Argentina. The Foreign Service Institute for Argentina, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Universidad de San Andrés are proud to host the 33rd International Course on International Law and Legal Information, the first IALL conference to be hosted in South America.

Buenos Aires is a world capital, and it practically pulses with its lively and diverse arts scene and other cultural attractions. Its cosmopolitan blend of Old and New World styles is unique in the world, and it is the cultural nerve center for Argentina and much of South America as well. Buenos Aires is home to a busy live theater industry, as well as numerous museums and preserved homes of noted art collectors, writers and composers. It is also home to hundreds of book stores, libraries and cultural associations, and it offers very active street art exhibits, with major murals throughout the city.

The theme of the conference is “Libraries and the Rule of Law”. In addition to a number of networking and social activities, conference attendees will have ample opportunities to learn about or deepen their understanding of the vital role played by libraries and librarians in the construction of modern democracy in Argentina. Conference delegates will also learn about the status of human rights in Argentina and about human rights initiatives and current challenges. Conference speakers will include noted legal academics, scholars, human rights activists and law librarians.

Please check out the rest of the conference website for much more information and details about this exciting cultural and educational opportunity in Argentina. We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful, interesting, and exciting Buenos Aires!