Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?

Yes! This 2 minute and 40 seconds video will introduce you to the Grand Duchy.


The three official languages are Luxemburgish, French and German, however most people speak English as well.

Getting around (Transportation)

Everything in Luxembourg City is within comfortable walking distance. If you intend to visit the city then it is highly recommended to download the local transport app (Android, Symbian, iOS and Blackberry compatible).

Almost all buses run through the city centre. The recommended stop is HAMILIUS. From here, one can walk to all parts of the city centre. The bus fare is € 2.00 (1 hour, multiple rides) and € 4.00 (day ticket, multiple rides). Tickets can be purchased by sms with local numbers (send A to 64222), on most buses & from ticket vending machines.

It’s helpful to note that; bus 16 runs from the airport to the main Bus/Train terminal that connects the entire city; buses circulating within the city centre are free on Saturday; the city has free Wi-Fi coverage.

For a sporty way of transportation, you may also rent a bike. There are 75 stations located in the centre of the city for short bicycle journeys. The stations are approximately 300 to 400 metres apart and easily accessible:

Visiting the city

Local treat

Two recommended local delicacies are “Gromperekichelcher” (a ‘steak’ of grated vegetables and potatoes, deep-fried), and “Kniddelen” (Gnocchi mixed with pieces of bacon).

Alas! I only have one day!

Fear not! A recommended itinerary is the following:

Walk to the city centre (or if you are by bus, disembark from Hamilius bus stop and walk to the city centre).
Two nice squares are to be found in the city centre – Place d’Armes and Place Guillaume. There are restaurants around both. It’s a good opportunity to relax amidst a buzz of tourists and city dwellers. From this spot all shops both are accessible. The city hall and tourist office are located on the Place Guillaume. The Palace is adjacent to Place Guillaume. Walk down to the Casemates (visit inside recommended). From the top one can be treated to the view of the Grund (old city) valley and old city fortification walls. Two museums are situated in the city centre – the City Museum (Grand Duchy history), and the National Museum of History and Art. Walk down to the Golden lady statute (Place de la constitution). Here one can be treated to the view of the Petrusse valley as well as the newly renovated Adolphe bridge. One can end the trip by going down the Grund and walking in the beautiful greenery of the Petrusse valley – there are some restaurants and bars. There is an elevator leading down into the valley.

If you have more time to spare and are a modern art lover then do not miss visiting MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art). The neighbourhood is also home to some EU institution buildings as well as the Luxembourg Philharmonie.

Pfaffenthal is also nice place for a walk through. It is accessible by a scenic elevator. It can also be seen aerially from the Grand Duchess Charlotte bridge.

More information:

  • In case of emergency: Police –113, Fire and ambulance –112