Criteria for Future Conference Venues


  1. Applications should be sent to the President, chairing the Conference Committee
  2. Applications should clearly state the year foreseen for the Annual Course
  3. Applications should name the main organizer, and the members of the Local Planning Committee (LPC)
  4. Applications should state the overarching theme
  5. Applications should contain a proposal for an outline of the program, a timeline, the venue for the meeting, the conference hotel and other possible accommodation
  6. Applications should have information on cultural events within the program, the Annual Dinner restaurant (and, if economically sound, a Pre-Conference-Workshop, and/or so-called Optional Day/Post-Conference-Workshop)
  7. Applications should state the capacity to disseminate publicity for the conference through the IALL website and other means
  8. The President, Chair of the Conference Committee, will table applications in a Board meeting. Reasonable time will be granted to applicants with respect to further information requested by the Board
  9. The Board’s approval of an application requires a majority vote within the Board. The Board’s decision is final and there will be no appeal
  10. The Board, will inform the applicant of its decision. Reasons for rejection will be provided
  11. The Board does not discuss openly, e.g. in the AGM, the reasons for acceptance or rejection


  1. The Conference Venue needs to be easily accessible through air travel, and, eventually, further transportation
  2. The Conference Venue needs to be a safe city for the attendees
  3. The Conference Venue needs to have a home base of professors, scholars or others in the legal arena as presenters, all of whom are proficient in speaking English
  4. The Conference Venue needs to show proof concerning the honoring of Freedom of Speech
  5. All necessary official authorization for holding of the conference will be the responsibility of the LPC
  6. Ideally, North America, Europe and a third region will host the Annual Course on the following rotational basis; North America at least every 4 conferences; in or near Europe at least every 2 conferences; at another location at least every 4 conferences
  7. Ideally, the cost of the Annual Course should be cost effective and financially viable


  1. The Board appoints a Liaison, who frequently advises the LPC, acts as a guide in all possible ways, visits the Conference Venue, for verification, with the President
  2. The Board remains responsible for the success or failure of Annual Courses