1st International Workshop on the Digital Preservation of Research Methods and Artefacts DPRMA 2013

July 25, 2013 – July 26, 2013 all-day
Indianapolis, USA

This workshop will consider how Digital Libraries can adapt to meet these needs. Starting with the complex digital objects needed to store the multi-format artefacts such as datasets, workflows, results and publications, the workshop will discuss how they they be captured, stored, associated, retrieved, and visualised. Can, or should, Digital Libraries address the needs of scale presented by big data directly and wholly, or play a well-defined role within an ecosystem of interoperable services? What are the challenges for curation of dynamic resources often more akin to software than documents, where iterative experiments comprise of changing datasets, codes, and authors? What additional research context should be preserved in addition to traditional dissemination mechanisms?  What models and semantics can capture this context, and what role can provenance, versioning, and dependency analysis play in their preservation? How will researchers access and reuse these preserved artefacts?