2004 SLIS Conference: IZAZI ze AFRICA : Innovating Services for the 21st Century

July 21, 2004 all-day
Special Libraries & Information Services Group (SLIS) and the Organisation of South African Law Libraries (OSALL)
Sandton Convention Centre
South Africa

[Custodians of knowledge in Africa (iZazi) were walking libraries. They were Elders – older people with experience, traditional healers and herbalists, counsellors with expertise called upon to advise the chief or king, midwives who were summoned during difficult births. They were specialists in their fields of expertise and were respected in the community…The information professional shares an affinity with the iZazi of old because he/she has a specialty and can tap into many sources of information…So in order to survive and remain relevant; in order to take our rightful places as the iZazi of the modern era, we have to adapt and innovate.]

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