ASIL Annual Meeting (American Society of International Law) [Postponed]

April 1, 2020 – April 4, 2020 all-day
Washington Hilton


“The Promise of International Law.” In a world of increasing polarization and threats to individual and collective security, many turn to international law for guidance and protection, while others consider this body of law and the institutions that apply it ill-equipped to address evolving needs. Has international law lived up to its full potential and is it equipped to safeguard the peaceful coexistence of its subjects, to protect human rights and the environment, and to contribute to the attainment of shared prosperity? Keynote speakers include Samantha Power, former US Ambassador to the United Nations; Elizabeth Odio Benito  of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights; Hina Jilani, former UN Special Representative on Human Rights Defenders; and Claudio Grossman of American University Washington College of Law.