IALL 2002 Website Award Winners

The 2002 winner was announced at the IALL 21st annual course on International Law Librarianship at Yale Law School, 20-23 October 2002.

The IALL 2002 Website Award winner in the commercial category was http://heinonline.org

“It is an easy to use legal website with a friendly readers surface which offers access to many law reviews which otherwise would not be available in so complete selection in a library. It is inexpensive and helps to save funds which can be better used in the times of ever decreasing budgets. It is value for money.”

The IALL 2002 Website Award winner in the non-commercial category was http://www.cisg.law.pace.edu

“A great project – containing nearly all information about CISG gathered in one site. They show us the way to get a successful partnership worldwide, through this innovative site.”

The selection panel was Jules Winterton (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London), Lisbeth Rasmussen (Copenhagen University), James Butler (Supreme Court of Victoria, Melbourne), and Lyonette Louis-Jacques (University of Chicago)