Webinar: Global Legal Research Strategies and Resources

June 4, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Neel Agrawal

In this globalized legal environment, it is critical for legal practitioners and professionals to cultivate skills in foreign and international legal research to effectively represent clients in cross-border matters.  This session is intended to help attorneys and members of the legal community develop strategies to access the wide array of global legal sources available, in order to gain an understanding of their contents, authority, and uses.  By exploring real research issues, participants will gain critical competencies in accessing the laws of foreign countries as well as the laws governing relationships between countries.

Attorneys and legal professionals of all types will benefit from practical training in employing both print and electronic sources in order to:

  • Locate cases, statutes and codes, and treatises from foreign countries;
  • Access treaties, decisions of international tribunals, and commentaries on international topics such as trade and investment, arbitration, intellectual property, and commercial law; and 
  • Utilize practice materials pertaining to service of process abroad, choice of law, obtaining evidence in another country, and enforcing foreign judgments.


 Neel Agrawal (Librarian for Global Law, LA Law Library);

Jeffery Daar (Principal, Daar & Newman, Los Angeles);

Marci Hoffman (Associate Director, UC Berkeley Law Library). 

For registration, please visit: http://calbar.inreachce.com/Details?resultsPage=2&sortBy=&mediaType=9cdd3b37-d59d-462a-96e9-20d8591584fb&groupId=579df80a-192c-48cd-aa54-a9da5fd7d88f