Newly Elected Officers & Board Members.

I am pleased to announce that the results of the election to the 2019-2022 IALL Board are as follows:


President: Kurt Carroll, Law Library of Congress, USA,

Vice-President: Kerem Kahvecioğlu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey,

Secretary: David Gee, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK,

Treasurer: Barbara Garavaglia, University of Michigan, USA.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Kristina Alayan: Howard University, USA,

Rebecca Bergstrøm: University of Oslo, Norway,

Heather Casey: Georgetown University, USA,

François Desseilles: University of Liège, Belgium,

Michel Fraysse: Université Toulouse, France,

Trung Quach: University of Melbourne, Australia,

Jean Wenger: Chicago Kent College of Law, USA.

Thank you to the members who put their names forward for election, and many congratulations to those who have been elected.

David Gee,

IALL Secretary